NSA Industries, LLC

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Quality – Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

NSA’s Quality Management System, Certified to ISO 9001:2008, is focused on the enhancement of customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes and product.

This independent validation of NSA’s quality standards recognizes that:

  • a set of procedures cover all key processes
  • monitoring processes are in place to ensure the procedures are effective
  • there is adequate record keeping
  • outputs are checked for defects, with appropriate corrective actions where necessary
  • individual processes and the quality system itself are reviewed regularly for effectiveness
  • there is a commitment to continual improvement. (Please view our Continuous Improvement Imperative Brochure¬†for additional information)

NSA performs 1st Article Inspections, In-process inspections performed by Operators and Quality Technicians and Final Inspections (as required) to all our products. Utilizing precision measuring equipment such as a CMM, an Oasis, a Virtex scanner, along with a multitude of other measuring equipment, NSA has the capabilities to measure tight tolerance parts. NSA has engaged MSA philosophes preforming GR&R’s on multiple gauges/families.

Corrective/Preventative Actions: NSA utilizes a step approach to handling customer returns, with full team involvement:

  • Immediate Containment/Notification
  • Root Cause Identification
  • Short Term and Long Term Corrective Actions
  • Verification of effectiveness of actions
  • Preventative Planning for Future and Like errors.

NSA will continue its journey with Lean to improve the way we do business.